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So, who are these goondus?


Alfred Siew
Alfred is a writer, speaker and media instructor who has covered the telecom, media and technology scene for more than 20 years. Previously the technology correspondent for The Straits Times, he now edits the blog and runs his own technology and media consultancy. He was also the organiser of the Unwired telecom event in Singapore. Get in touch.

Grace Chng
A seasoned writer, author and industry observer, Grace was the key tech writer for The Straits Times for more than three decades. She co-founded and edited Computer Times, later renamed Digital Life. She helmed this publication, the de facto national IT magazine, for nearly 19 years. Grace is also the editor and co-curator of Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey, a book highlighting Singapore’s ICT development. Get in touch.

Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong
Wilson is a self-taught photographer whose passion started with his father’s old Canon L Rangefinder camera. He now leads the 1,500+ strong Singapore Photography Interest Network group and his photos have won acclaim from Nikon and Fujifilm, as well as featured in various books and exhibitions. Get in touch.


Yap Hui Bin
Hui Bin is currently a Web marketing project manager with professional experience in media relations and communications. In her other life, she is a Neutral Good rogue with a special affinity for felines. She has devoted much of her non-professional life to gaming and had contributed game reviews for The Straits Times’ Digital Life supplement for about a decade. Get in touch.

Tao Ai Lei
Ai Lei is a writer who has covered the technology scene for more than 20 years. She was previously the editor of Asia Computer Weekly (ACW), the only regional IT weekly in Asia. She has also written for TechTarget’s ComputerWeekly, and was editor of CMPnetAsia and Associate Editor at Computerworld Singapore. Get in touch.

Loo Po Li
Over her 20-year career, Po Li has applied her analytical and writing skills to the realms of corporate communications, content marketing, and journalism. She began her tech writing career with Asia Computer Weekly and most recently steered content development projects at IDC Asia/Pacific. Her strengths in storytelling and data visualisation bring life to difficult concepts and ideas. Get in touch.