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AI utility launched in Singapore to harmonise data for green financing

Banks in Singapore can harness data to identify prospective green building projects and accelerate green financing by using a new AI utility.

Grace Chng Grace Chng 5 Min Read

Breaking ground: AI’s influence on semiconductor manufacturing

The chip manufacturing industry is at a critical juncture, where AI and smart manufacturing processes are more than just a

Techgoondu Techgoondu

NetApp moves towards intelligent data infrastructure, enabling GenAI features

Fostering a coherent view of data is important to expedite the integration of AI capabilities into enterprises’ IT architecture, says

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Vital signs: The rise of automated healthcare software testing

Software testing for this the healthcare industry presents daunting challenges from more complex systems to stricter regulations.

Techgoondu Techgoondu

Paid Facebook, Instagram subscriptions raise more questions on privacy, influence

While paid Facebook and Instagram subscriptions let users avoid seeing ads, they raise more questions on privacy and influence.

Esmond Xu Esmond Xu 7 Min Read

Why deepfake technology is both a threat and a boon for enterprises

Organisations need to prepare for deepfake phishing attacks as cybercriminals use AI for social engineering scams. 

Ai Lei Tao Ai Lei Tao

Singapore to work with Google, Microsoft to bolster national cyber defence efforts

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has inked separate agreements with Google and Microsoft to beef up the country's

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Rush to digitalisation has made cyber threats tougher to track: Imperva CEO

With such fast development of digital services, businesses often do not know where to look for security loopholes, says Imperva's

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew
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