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On battlefields and in boardrooms, AI promises an edge in real-time data

For military commanders on the battlefield, a split-second decision can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Real-time data is key.

Grace Chng Grace Chng 4 Min Read

PDG looks to sustainable AI with Southeast Asia’s “greenest” data centre

The PDG JH1 Johor campus is poised to be Southeast Asia's greenest data centre, specifically designed for AI and cloud…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Most APAC firms grapple with outdated technology: NTT Data

Running outdated networks and other old technologies may hinder Asia-Pacific organisations' innovation efforts, according NTT Data.

Ai Lei Tao Ai Lei Tao

Price hikes push APAC businesses to seek Java alternatives

Faced with price hikes for a fundamental building block of their digital serviecs, Asia-Pacific businesses have sought Java alternatives.

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Indonesian ransomware debacle shows that you need backup – and a lot more

The Indonesian ransomware case this past month is a reminder that recovering data is tough but recovering trust may be tougher.

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew 8 Min Read

Healthcare data is prime target in cyberattacks: Rubrik

Twenty per cent of all sensitive data is compromised in each healthcare organisation ransomware attack, according to Rubrik.

Ai Lei Tao Ai Lei Tao

Synology ActiveProtect appliances promise easier backup, beefier security

Synology has rolled out a line of enterprise storage appliances and cloud-based video surveillance system for growing businesses.

Wilson Wong Wilson Wong

Unveiling cyber secrets to fortify digital systems at GeekCon 2024

In Singapore, the two-day GeekCon event starting May 25 will be attended by prominent practitioners, researchers and white hat hackers.

Grace Chng Grace Chng
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