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What to expect as Singapore spends S$3.8 billion on government digitisation in 2021

An AI marking system for schools is one improvement to look to,…

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Log in to e-services by scanning your face, sending SMS to children for SingPass verification

By scanning their faces to verify their identity, SingPass users can sign…

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SingPass to be more secure for e-government services from July 5

The new SingPass system promises to let users log in like they…

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SingPass breach: time for government agencies to take security more seriously

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen after the recent SingPass security…

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Commentary: SingPass security issues highlight need for two-factor authentication

Why SingPass hasn't been beefed up remains a mystery. As a result,…

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One token for Singapore users to log in online

Internet users in Singapore can expect to transfer savings funds, access health…

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