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What 4G or LTE phones to buy in Singapore?

8 Nov
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Things have moved very fast since all three cellphone operators in Singapore decided or ramp up their coverage with faster 4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) services two months ago.

The good news is that there are now several options for 4G phones. Today, many of the latest top-end models can link up to the new network, should you choose to sign up to a 4G service.

Here are five phones, out in the shops or coming in the next few weeks, that you should check out.

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Disappointed with the iPhone 5? Here are four alternatives

26 Sep

So, Apple sold five million iPhone 5s in the first weekend, a million more than the four million iPhone 4S devices last year. Apparently, that was below par for stock market punters, who dumped Apple stock just days after pushing it past the US$700 level.

The iPhone 5 is a well-made competitor. In the hand, it feels more solid than Samsung’s Galaxy phones and their plastic finish, and it has a great camera, as the iPhone 4S had. Yet, as we said before, Apple’s new phone just lags in several areas, like having a smaller screen and an operating system that has been playing catch-up (don’t believe me, hear the Apple gurus here).

The most apparent problem that has even the diehards at the Cult of Mac site complaining is the Maps app that is such a poor rival of Google Maps, which Apple junked in spite in iOS 6.

Still convinced you should buy yet another Apple gadget? Well, here are four other phones worth spending your precious dollars on.

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