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Android on a Sony Ericsson – the Xperia X10

3 Nov

Xperia X10 - Sony Ericsson back in the game
Having been somewhat disappointed by Sony Ericsson’s recently-released Satio and Aino phones, are we glad that there’s a new Xperia that uses the Android OS instead of the two entertainment phones’ Symbian S60 software.

The Xperia X10, unveiled today, brings SE back to the fight against the likes of HTC, which has been looking ever stronger with its Android-based Hero and upcoming Windows Phone 6.5-based gizmos.

On the X10, SE has got an XL-sized, 4-inch touch-screen that boasts an ultra-high resolution of 480×854 pixels (old 14-inch CRT monitors only displayed 640×480). There’s also an 8.1-meg camera with Xenon flash, which is sweet for photo buffs.

And for music lovers, what the Satio did not have – a 3.5mm headphone jack – the X10 packs it. This lets you easily plug in your own expensive Shure or Ultimate Ears earphones if you want to.

Seeing the X10, I can’t help but think this is what the Satio could have been.

But having seen SE do such a good job making Windows Mobile work so well on the original Xperia X1, I’m pretty optimistic with what it can do with the Android OS as well.

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