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Cloud’s the biggest cybersecurity risk for most APAC firms: Tenable

Almost half of APAC respondents lacked sufficient visibility into possible misconfigurations within

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Record-breaking DDoS attack detected amid surge in threats in Q3 2023

In a record DDoS attack in the last quarter, attackers exploited a

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Asia-Pacific businesses keen to tap on GenAI across various fields: NetSuite

Asia-Pacific businesses want greater insights from their corporate data by using generative

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Driven by cybersecurity, managed services set to grow in Asia-Pacific: Canalys

Managed services are on the uptick in the Asia-Pacific, due to an

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Despite more cyberattacks, Asia-Pacific firms don’t feel prepared for new threats

Most Asia-Pacific organisations believe they are not prepared for cyberattacks, despite them

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Q&A: APAC firms are keen on AI, but should tread carefully, says Cloudera

Organisations in the Asia-Pacific are using or plan to use AI applications

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Mobile broadband covers most of Asia-Pacific but adoption still low: GSMA

Mobile broadband networks cover most of the population in Asia-Pacific, but user

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Asia-Pacific organisations to spend US$32 billion on AI in 2025: IDC

Asia-Pacific organisations will boost spending in artificial intelligence from US$17.6 billion this

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A year after the first commercial 5G networks, a search for use cases as the tech evolves

While the pandemic had initially threatened to slow its adoption, 5G has

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More PCs shipped in Asia-Pacific in 2019, but challenging 2020 expected: IDC

PC shipments grew in Asia-Pacific in 2019 as businesses rushed to upgrade

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As market stabilises, design will be key to people buying more PCs: HP

More PC users are buying convertible PCs that double up as both

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US$2.1 billion to be spent on blockchain solutions in Asia-Pacific by 2022: IDC

As much as S$2.1 billion will be spent on blockchain solutions in

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More connected, converged with the Internet of Things

IoT is about knowing more about one’s market and customers. The winners

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Split from Symantec, Veritas seeks to make data “visible” and useful

The company is pitching its data management tools as a must-have to

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Mobile ad spending to reach US$18bn in 2014

Mobile advertising budgets worldwide are set for a raise, with IT research

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Asia-Pacific to lead cloud computing takeup, says HP

The Asia-Pacific region appears more keen to adopt cloud computing than Europe

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