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Diablo 3

Diablo 3 review: The grind

A review of Diablo 3 one and a half month after launch.

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Diablo 3 initial impressions: Defeated by errors

Techgoondu tries to give a first impression of Diablo 3, but was

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Massive crowds turn up for Diablo III launch

Even in the age of convenient online pre-orders, hundreds, if not thousands

Raymond Lau Raymond Lau

Goondu Q&A: My Republic promises no “hard” throttling for fibre broadband

We speak to Malcolm Rodrigues, the CEO and co-founder of MyRepublic, the

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Top five anticipated PC games of 2012

Techgoondu's list of must-try PC games of 2012

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