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Secure communications to get a quantum boost with SpeQtral TarQis

Singapore-based SpeQtral has unveiled TarQis, a solution that uses quantum key distribution…

Ai Lei Tao Ai Lei Tao

Singtel beefs up satellite connectivity with Starlink for ships

Ship operators will have access to AI, 5G, edge computing, and cloud-based solutions…

Ai Lei Tao Ai Lei Tao

The mission-critical role of software testing in the space gold rush

In today's space gold rush, deploying AI-driven software automation is the only…

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How satellites can play a role in a 5G world

Satellites could efficiently cover large areas and connect millions of people efficiently,…

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Goondu review: Toshiba Satellite P50t laptop

With its sharp 4K screen, the Satellite P50t seems to suit a…

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Satellite industry bullish about growth in Asia

The satellite industry is poised for more explosive growth in the region.…

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