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Commentary: StarHub wins Opco deal in Singapore’s NBN

April 3rd, 2009 | by Alfred Siew
Firstly, no surprises that StarHub has won the OpCo deal. This was the "consolation prize" after it failed in its bid, along with a consortium that once contained the promising Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), to grab the...

StarHub launches public trial of 21Mbps mobile broadband

March 27th, 2009 | by Alfred Siew
Some 100 users will be able to hook up to a public trial of StarHub’s new 21Mbps mobile broadband service, as the telco readies to launch it commercially within the next three months. This promises, on paper, to be three...

Singapore’s broadband penetration past 100 per cent

March 10th, 2009 | by Alfred Siew
It’s official. There are more broadband connections in Singapore than there are households. In January 2009, the household broadband penetration rate here reached 102.1 per cent, according to the latest figures from the...

SingTel, StarHub trot out netbooks and other freebies

November 28th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew
Do you want an Asus Eee PC or an HP mini? That seems to be the choice that Sitex shoppers are being asked to make by SingTel and StarHub, as the two broadband operators slug it out in an increasingly saturated broadband market....

Last-minute bargains at Comex today

August 31st, 2008 | by Alfred Siew
Traditionally, computer bazaars have the best deals for the last day, when retailers clear their stock at low, low prices. This is when the crowds rush in. When I went down today to Comex at noon, and the crowd was already...

What’s hot at Comex 2008 part 1

August 29th, 2008 | by Oo Gin Lee
The jam started from as far back as SCGS along Bukit Timah Road and by the time I hit Nicoll Highway at 2pm yesterday, loads of cars were queuing up to turn left into Suntec and Marina area. I decided to make a U-turn and...

StarHub DNS servers down

August 7th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew
The time is about 10 plus in the night, and my StarHub connection suddenly went down… first MSN, then my FTP, then Web browsing. Reset the router, then the modem and realised that I’ve got an IP address from StarHub...