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Asus reveals self-designed GeForce GTX 680 cards

23 Apr

Want that beast of a graphics card for your PC but not the noise that comes with it? There are now two versions of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680 from Asus that promise to run more quietly while enhancing performance.

Unveiled late last week, the new cards come after a slew of GeForce GTX 680s released last month, which as expected, all sported identical reference designs from Nvidia. In other words, little differentiated brand A from brand B, except for the decal on each card.

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Here comes Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680

22 Mar

For extreme PC gamers who will only settle for the fastest graphics card, and those with three monitors running in a surround gaming mode, the first top-end cards sporting Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680 GPU are going on sale now.

Indeed, some GTX 680 cards had appeared to already gone on sale on e-retailer Newegg earlier today, perhaps to catch the early demand for these cards.

Nvidia’s answer to AMD dominance for most of 2011, the GTX 680 is based on the much-touted “Kepler” architecture and is expected to uplift DirectX 11 gameplay performance for the most hardcore PC gamers. By this, usually you mean folks with more than one monitor, because even the most demanding games often run fine on 30-inchers now.

Cards like the Asus version (pictured above) will come with 2GB RAM and be clocked at a base 1,006MHz and a “sped-up” 1,058MHz when the performance is needed. The GPU is also expected to keep to a comparatively modest 195W TDP, which should prevent the fan from sounding like a vacuum cleaner all the time, like many top-end cards can.

[UPDATE: Asus has said their GTX 680 card will retail for S$869 in Singapore]

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