Who needs Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac? Clement does

5 Feb
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Brought to you by Parallels

Freelance writer Clement Teo had a headache that many users face when shopping for a laptop recently – he wanted a shiny Apple laptop but had to run several Windows programs.

The short answer to that, he later found out, was Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac. This lets him run his Windows programs at the same time that he runs his Mac apps.

Besides the convenience, it also ensures that documents formatted in Windows turn out nicely without any glitches when opened on his Macbook Pro.

The avid Mac user found the Parallels Desktop 8 software easy to install and easy to use. The performance, he noted, was so fast that there was hardly any difference from running Windows and Windows programs directly on a PC.

Said the writer, in his 40s: “Parallels running on the Mac is almost seamless. It’s like native.”

Besides Clement, see who else runs Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac. Win a copy of Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac on Techgoondu’s Facebook page (while stocks last).

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  • http://www.facebook.com/teelip Lim Tee Lip

    Agree! Parallels rock! My tip is to install windows in boot camp first then visualize it using parallels in Mac OSX, so in case if you do need to use windows fully in bootcamp mode you can. Best of both worlds and in the “coherence” mode you can run windows application as if they are native Mac ones!