Let the battles begin

June 12th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew

One day (or rather hours) before the number port exercise kicks in, the battle begins at the PC Show, where SingTel and StarHub are readying $0 PDAs and extra $100 here and there to get switchers who have been waiting to choose a better deal elsewhere.

Besides big print ads in ST, StarHub has also come up with a website (www.choosefreedom.com.sg) which gives you a calculator to compare StarHub plans to any other M1 or SingTel plan directly. Talk about direct rivalry.

And in a nod to new media, the “green” folks have also set up a Facebook group for people who “choose freedom”…

Of course, we all know that’s all the freedom we get now – until we sell our souls for $300-$400 a phone with a two-year deal with one of these telcos!

In any case, if there’s any time to sell your soul for a cheap phone bargain, it is now, as the telcos fight it out for your signature. StarHub has a midnite gig going on tonight at Plaza Singapura (a gimmick unless you want another $100 discount for that phone), and you can expect fireworks at PC Show…

Let the bargains begin!



  1. Alfred Siew says:

    well, it’s about time too. StarHub though could be in a good position after this because it has the true triple play of services.

    Yes, SingTel has pay-TV too, but StarHub has Barclays Premier League and it’s still hard to beat. Plus, let’s not forget how long it’s been doing its Hubbing thing, so they know what it’s been about.

    SingTel first needs to get its marketing right. Not just to launch a Generation mio plan and not follow up with better deals after that.

  2. fangirl says:

    I just love that we’ll finally get a chance to teach the telcos a lesson in customer service! Not going to sign up for any plan so that i can switch from telco to telco depending on which is better. I think freedom to choose is worth way more than a few hundred dollars.

  3. yee hung says:

    I love competition, it makes things cheaper much faster! 🙂

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