Let the battles begin

June 12th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew

One day (or rather hours) before the number port exercise kicks in, the battle begins at the PC Show, where SingTel and StarHub are readying $0 PDAs and extra $100 here and there to get switchers who have been waiting to choose a better deal elsewhere.

Besides big print ads in ST, StarHub has also come up with a website (www.choosefreedom.com.sg) which gives you a calculator to compare StarHub plans to any other M1 or SingTel plan directly. Talk about direct rivalry.

And in a nod to new media, the “green” folks have also set up a Facebook group for people who “choose freedom”…

Of course, we all know that’s all the freedom we get now – until we sell our souls for $300-$400 a phone with a two-year deal with one of these telcos!

In any case, if there’s any time to sell your soul for a cheap phone bargain, it is now, as the telcos fight it out for your signature. StarHub has a midnite gig going on tonight at Plaza Singapura (a gimmick unless you want another $100 discount for that phone), and you can expect fireworks at PC Show…

Let the bargains begin!


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