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How can the Singapore government monitor Pokemon Go?

The first reaction when you hear that the Singapore government wants to…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Free Unlimited Plants vs Zombies, Bejewelled2, Zuma and more

Now you can play all your favourite Pop Cap Games for free,…

Oo Gin Lee Oo Gin Lee

Licence2Play: games, gadgets and cosplay!

The Licence2Play gaming and electronics fair at Suntec this weekend from 22nd…

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Empire Total War also needs Net access for single player mode

First it was Dawn Of War 2, and now it is Empire…

Oo Gin Lee Oo Gin Lee

Don’t alienate the legit gamers

There has been some discussion lately about Dawn Of War 2 and…

Oo Gin Lee Oo Gin Lee

Dawn Of War 2 won’t run without Internet connection

Yes. you heard it right. Even if you are playing a single…

Oo Gin Lee Oo Gin Lee