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Free Unlimited Plants vs Zombies, Bejewelled2, Zuma and more

March 16th, 2010 | by Oo Gin Lee

Now you can play all your favourite Pop Cap Games for free, but only if you are in Singapore, Malaysia and possibly some other South-east Asian countries. PopCap – the guys behind casual game hits like Plants vs Zombies, Bejewelled, Feeding Frenzy, Zuma, Peggle and more – have launched a special beta just for this region.

Just go to and the website automatically identifies your location based on your IP address and a pop-up window will appear to ask you to join the beta. When you are in the beta, you will be asked to download and install the PopCap World beta client and from there you can play the games.

I have no idea what is the business model but it looks like some social networking and games plan. But so far, everything has been going for free for me!


  1. Soobashira_thai says:

    bkt hnd ko magamit ng unlimited na walang bayad ang plantz vs zombie?

  2. Samuel N. P. Simbolon says:

    how way download Plants vs. zombies?

  3. Tia Gray says:

    Plants and Zombies, the best game of the year**:

  4. richard says:

    interesting game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. last year i was so addicted with the Bejewelled game and i played all night~;-

  6. vedant says:

    plant vs zombies is most popuar and most most most interesting

  7. kelly lim says:

    i wish i can play plants vs zombies for a few months ago.

  8. kiara says:

    =D loved the game! This and have kept me busy for awhile. Play this at home and play Kingdoms on my iphone when im gone ^^

  9. Eric says:

    Can anny one send me a full versoin of plants vs zombies and if you say ok my Email is

  10. someone says:

    man…I wish I lived in malaysia…

  11. lueur says:

    Well… thats bad. I’m at france sor i can’t…

  12. my favorite character on the Plants Vs. Zombies game is none other than the Michael Jackson zombie.’,,

  13. Robert Ahmed says:

    my sister is super addicted to Bejeweled 2. she plays it from afternoon to midnight. i find it quite an interesting game.~’;

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  15. bamz says:

    can someone send me full version please i wnna play it but i dont hav money ๐Ÿ™

    thx in advance

  16. Sherwin says:

    My wife downloaded PCW and I saw/read the T&C.

    Technically, she can’t say a word to anyone but I know the details and I can write about it since I didn’t agree to anything? That doesn’t make sense.

    And no, I was with her the whole time during the installation and it was only later that the warning popped up that this was some Defcon 4 top secret project that she could not talk about.

    As Chi-long said, this is about helping readers on awareness. As for the Gmail and Google Wave private invites, they were being publicly traded and sold on eBay so private in this sense meant Google wanted control on the number of people signing up, but there was no gag order.

  17. Chi-Loong says:


    Well, PopCap is certainly within their rights to ask that their beta testers do as they ask.

    Just like TechGoondu has our rights to write about what we think is interesting for our audience.

    PopCap’s “publicity intention” doesn’t mean that TechGoondu need to adhere to it. We’re not paid by vendors to publicize good news or not write about bad things — what do you take bloggers for?!

    We write for readers. Period.

    I still don’t see why helping PopCap publicize their beta is a bad thing, but if convinced on why it might be a bad idea, I think we’re willing to listen.

    Just saying take this down because we said so doesn’t hold water, at least not with me.

  18. SLK says:


    Seems like you misunderstood their publicity intention, especially since you may not have signed up for it.

    PopCap has this beta thing running. And for the limited number of beta users who signed up and played, PopCap actually provided them the link to send their friends the email invites.

    Meaning the publicity is through private email invites only, very much like Google Gmail or even Google Wave when they first started…

    Moreover, this is only a BETA .. not FULL version yet..and the user agreement has stated user should not mention about this publicly. So if the company choose to do it this way, why should anyone change the way they do it??

  19. Chi-Loong says:

    Aiyo, Gin you always kanna this kind of thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My 2 cents to Pop Cap.

    1) Firstly, the post is helping you with publicity to get more folks to your closed beta. Isn’t that sort of the point for this recruitment drive you’re doing? Isn’t that a GOOD thing?

    2) If you want us to update or provide additional information to the readers, let us know. E.g. it’s a limited trial, and we might change things in the future etc. We’re not in the business of wrecking business models you know. We’re here to provide news to readers in the region.

    Taking such a hard stance isn’t going to help you, not in terms of publicity.

  20. Oo Gin Lee says:

    Dear Gin Lee,

    Earlier today it came to our attention that a blog has been posted by yourself March 16, 2010 on the website regarding PopCap World: โ€œFree Unlimited Plants vs Zombies, Bejewelled2, Zuma and moreโ€.

    As you are aware, PopCap World is currently in Closed Beta and all players are under agreement to refrain from posting or sharing any information regarding this product until this embargo is lifted.

    Please review the Beta Evaluation Agreement ( and remove this blog post immediately.

    We appreciate your assistance.

    Thank you,

    PopCap World Customer Support

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  22. Chin says:

    It has a 90 or 100 days license. I cannot remember how many days. I finished Plants vs. Zombies and un-installed it.

  23. ssumin says:

    Whoopee!! Wish it’s free games on the go on the iPhone though.

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