As ransomware threats rise, reconsider remote access to your NAS at home

With more ransomware attacks against network attached storage (NAS) devices, home users…

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What the Techgoondu team wish for at Christmas 2021

From a Steam Deck that lets us play games on the go…

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A Techgoondu wishlist for Christmas 2020

Each year, Techgoondu writers come together to imagine the presents we'd like…

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Goondu DIY: Recovering data “lost” in a hard drive

Of all the things that can happen during Chinese New Year this…

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Goondu DIY: building your own digital music system

Here's a detailed Techgoondu guide to building a hi-fi grade digital music…

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Geek Buy: Synology DS210j NAS much cheaper in HK

One of the questions I often get from friends coming up to…

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