New courses on scaling up your business and fundraising on Techgoondu Learn

September 27th, 2021 | by Techgoondu
New courses on scaling up your business and fundraising on Techgoondu Learn

If you’ve always wanted to find out how to scale up your business or raise funds to grow it, find out from the experts how to go about expanding your business for the future at Techgoondu Learn.

The Techgoondu learning portal has new courses online now, including a two-day workshop on how to scale your business and a two-day workshop on the basics of fundrasising.

In the scaling-up workshop, you will learn to identify the signs that your business is ready to scale and understand the various ways to grow your business before materialising your scaling plan.

Learn how to craft a scaling plan for your business by applying a step-by-step framework by Blackstorm Consulting, while being guided by an industry expert.

Meanwhile, the fundraising workshop helps you understand your startup valuation through the various company valuation methods to prepare the appropriate “ask” (for funds).

In the course, you will pick up the startup jargon and understand the pros and cons of the various sources of funds.

In addition, you will understand how stakeholders decide and appeal to their interests to secure funding for your startup. You will also learn to evaluate your company and the options you have as a startup.

More of such learning content is up on Techgoondu Learn, including free courses on big trends such as buying now and paying later as well as how 5G will impact your business.

Check out our learning portal here.

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