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Contact tracing data deleted in Singapore but audit will add transparency

While it's good that the TraceTogether contact tracing data is deleted, an

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76 per cent of APAC firms feel inadequate against ransomware threats: Dell

Survey reveals that 66 per cent of respondents don't believe they can

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Helpless and compelled to share data, Singapore users trust digital services less today: Imperva study

Thirty-five per cent of respondents say their trust in digital service providers’

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Restrictions on use of TraceTogether data are good but government needs to rebuild trust

After the TraceTogether debacle, the Singapore government has to urgently regain the

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Q&A: Too many data protection vendors increases downtime costs for businesses, says Dell

Having too many data protection vendors could increase the cost of downtime

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TraceTogether debacle shows Singapore needs better data protection than a simple “trust us”

However you see it, the fact that TraceTogether contact-tracing data can be

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Veeam powers on as data protection and cloud management tools become crucial to remote working

Veeam has seen business grow as organisations become more aware of data

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Companies embarking on digital transformation are open to outages, so data protection is crucial

Despite moving to the cloud, many organisations still have legacy applications that

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TraceTogether wearable token in Singapore needs to gain users’ trust

The TraceTogther wearable's use should be narrowly defined. It must be used

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Citizens are wary of giving up personal data during Covid-19. It’s a good thing

People should be asking is what types of data will be collected

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Citizens need to be aware, in control of data shared with government

Even with the best intentions, the government cannot simply say "trust us"

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New measures to protect citizen data are step in right direction, but more can be done

The review of government security measures to safeguard citizen data in Singapore

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Apple boosts privacy and security with new login feature

Sign-in With Apple is a smart approach to privacy for the company

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Less than 1 in 4 Singapore consumers trust personal data with organisations

Only 23 per cent of Singapore consumers believe that their personal data

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As data becomes crucial to business, SMEs have to rethink data protection: Dell EMC

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the fallout from the SingHealth breach

Amit Roy Choudhury Amit Roy Choudhury

Complexity in IT systems is making it tough to fight cyber attacks and protect private data

The complexity of IT systems is the underlying reason for successful cyber

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Response to SingHealth data breach shows low awareness, rushed decisions

Despite the unprecedented SingHealth data breach, many people seem unperturbed that they

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Unwise to put onus on Facebook to protect users’ data, prevent fake news

Governments can and should compel the likes of Facebook to be more

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In Singapore, small companies risk falling afoul of data protection laws

Many SMBs don't have the technical skills nor the knowledge to protect

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Five privacy questions for Singapore’s gantry-free ERP system

Almost as a side note to how great this new satellite tracking

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