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Get your team on SkyDesk Projects

7 Jul
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Brought to you by Fuji Xerox

One of the most difficult things about working with teams, especially ones from all over the world, is ensuring the smooth delivery of a project or completion of a task on time.

One solution to that is SkyDesk Projects. A part of Fuji Xerox’s SkyDesk suite of online tools, Projects is an easy way to bring together people virtually and keep track of goals throughout a project’s lifespan.

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Say goodbye to sketching on napkins with Adobe’s new mobile iPad apps

23 Jun
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Adobe unveiled three free iPad apps last week that gave creative professionals more power on the go.

Adobe Mix, Line and Sketch are meant to showcase what the new hardware can do for professionals who don’t want to be tethered to the desktop, or even pen and paper.

Unfortunately, the software company’s first pieces of hardware – the Ink and Slide stylus and ruler set – accompanying the software launch won’t make it to Singapore for now. They will go on sale in the United States for US$199.

Thankfully, the new apps are pretty good.

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Can Microsoft vertically integrate while working with rivals in enterprise space?

12 Jun
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Bridgestone Toolbox Touch

Something strange happened a couple of weeks ago, when Microsoft joined up with salesforce.com to better connect the customer relationship management company’s apps to its Windows and Office software.

Even the 800-pound gorilla, Microsoft, is realising that it needs friends who are also enemies. That deal must have ruffled some feathers in Microsoft, surely those who already work on similar offerings that rival salesforce.com.

But the bigger story is how Microsoft is trying to provide all the necessary components for a compelling answer to some of its customers’ problems.

It knows companies don’t buy everything from one vendor. Where it cannot integrate well with its own products, it now seems more willing than before to plug the gap with rivals’ offerings.

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NTUC Income’s new app turns your smartphone into an in-car camera

26 May
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NTUC Income Orange Eye

Get into a taxi these days and you’ll likely see an in-car camera recording everything that happens in front of the car.

The popularity of in-car cameras have surged in recent years, and in response to a marked increase in policyholders submitting their claims together with video evidence, local insurer NTUC Income has launched a free mobile app on Android and iOS that lets its customers turn their smartphones into in-car cameras.

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Microsoft: hackers using deception to overcome improved cybersecurity

16 May
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Cybercriminals are ditching the old strategy of exploiting software vulnerabilities, choosing instead to rely on deceit and deception, according to a new security report released this week.

This shift in criminal strategy, revealed by Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report, has been attributed to improved cybersecurity and protection offered by newer products.

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Singapore start-up takes on property rental with new online matchmaking portal

8 May
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99.co map view

A Singapore startup is taking aim at the local property rental market with a new online portal that promises users an honest and transparent process, from the moment landlords and agents list their properties to the second the deal is closed.

Called 99.co, the site currently contains about 2,000 listings, and is led by local entrepreneur Darius Cheung, who is better known as the founder of tenCube, a mobile security start-up that was acquired by McAfee back in 2010.

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Q&A: Big Data needs to be fast enough for users, says SAP

6 May
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photo : vicens giménez info@vicensgimenez.com www.vicensgimenez.com +34 609273270 Barcelona

As more data begins to feed the computer systems of organisations big and small in the coming years, one headache that IT managers everywhere face is how to make sense of all the raw information.

Enterprise software vendor SAP believes its in-memory HANA technology will be key to making sense of the data as fast as business users can take advantage of it.

As SAP Singapore managing director Kelly Tan tells it, the information should give frontline staff – not just C-level executives pondering long-term strategy – instant knowledge at their fingertips.

Here are some of her responses to such challenges, as well as the use of Big Data in new scenarios like city planning and SAP’s R&D work in Singapore.

(NOTE: The responses have been edited for brevity and house style)

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Cloud start-up unveils business contact card service

19 Apr
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As more consumers use their mobile devices to search for locations of cafes, retailers and other amenities, it becomes even more important for businesses to ensure their contact details are found easily.

Yet, most consumers still find incorrect or outdated contact information on the Web. As a result, they may lose trust and confidence in a brand or business, especially if they get lost because of bad directions from wrong location information.

Conttact.us, a Malaysia-based start-up, aims to help businesses nip the problem in the bud. Its cloud-based contact card software allows businesses to create a mobile-optimised “contact us” webpage, complete with information on opening hours, instant click-to-call buttons and travel directions.

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Stemming the heartbleed

13 Apr
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The Internet community got a wake-up call last week when news emerged that a bug in a piece of encryption software had been lurking in cyberspace for two years.

Announced last Tuesday, the bug, known as Heartbleed, lets hackers obtain user names, passwords and even encryption keys from websites that use OpenSSL, an open source software used to secure a majority of online communications.

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Will StarHub’s new set-top box matter with streaming video?

11 Apr
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Samsung HD Interactive set-top box

Okay, the answer is yes, for now. Clearly, with half a million households on cable TV in Singapore, StarHub’s newfangled set-top box unveiled yesterday will still matter to some couch potatoes in Singapore.

Made by Samsung, it is the first of three to be launched and which promises an experience that is four times faster. So now, you don’t have to wait that long for the annoying menu to pop up. The interface is also less cluttered and makes you feel you are controlling a smart device, like a WD Live streaming box.

Yet, therein lies the difference. The set-top box, like it or not, is still based on old cable TV technology. There will always be a slight lag between menus, because it still needs to pull stuff down over the cable network, one made for broadcast not interactivity.

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