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Living with Google for a day

24 Nov
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Unless you’re the worst kind of Luddite – unconnected, quill-wielding – you probably can’t escape using any of Google’s products and services on any given day.

Actually, you can spend an entire day using a lot of Google stuff, from the time you wake up to the time you snooze, going by what I saw at a Google-organised trip to Taipei this week.

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IDC: Android grabs 81 per cent share, Windows improves

14 Nov
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samsung galaxy note 3

Android devices grabbed a huge 81 per cent of the smartphone market during the third quarter this year, while Windows Phone devices also gained a bigger slice of the pie, according to a report today by IDC.

The research firm said Android phones accounted for 211.6 million of the 261.1 million smartphones shipped in the quarter.

Pushing past the 80 per cent mark for the first time, and up from the 74.9 per cent share of a year ago, the Google operating system made significant strides as people sought out low-cost smartphones, said IDC.

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No more glass back for Nexus 5, but specs get updated

2 Nov


After a rather ho-hum Nexus 4 launch late last year, Google and LG seem to be back with a new Nexus 5 phone that is deserving of its flagship status.

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Asus Nexus 7 (2013) comes with LTE now in Singapore

18 Oct
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Nexus 7_2013_3Q_Right

Android fans who have been waiting for the 4G version of the new Nexus 7 will be happy to know that it’s finally making its way to Singapore from tomorrow.

The 32GB version with Long Term Evolution (LTE) will cost S$529. Folks who want to stick with Wi-Fi only now have a 32GB option from Asus as well. This will go for S$429.

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SingTel mobile users can soon pay for Android apps through telco

12 Aug
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Screenshot- Google Play Carrier billing

SingTel’s mobile phone customers can soon buy Android apps from Google’s Play store and pay via their monthly phone bills or prepaid account, after the telecom operator unveiled a direct billing deal with Google today.

This means smartphone users won’t need a credit card to buy apps, and can conveniently pay for them together with the rest of their phone charges. The arrangement applies to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

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New, souped up Nexus 7 out in the US by end-July

25 Jul
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Google Nexus 7

Google has upped the ante for small 7-inch tablets by unveiling a new Nexus 7 that sports a sharp Full HD screen, faster processor and optional 4G connectivity.

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Geek Girl’s Emergency Everything Know-It-All Mama’s Day Gift Guide

7 May
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Haven’t gotten dearest Mum a gift when Mother’s Day is in less than a week? No sweat. Get her a tech gift that makes life better every day.

Here’s a Geek-Girl’s Emergency Everything Know-It-All Mama’s Day Gift Guide. You can call it the Geek MA gift guide.

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Commentary: Google has done right to kill off Reader

21 Mar

Google Reader

I consider myself a pretty heavy user of Google Reader, and wake up every day to hundreds of unread items. In addition to the freshly pressed articles, there are older unread stories piled up over the years.

Yet, I can’t remember the last time I actually logged into the Google Reader website. Its interface seems like a relic of the past, and its features have remained stagnant for some time now. Google last gave the portal a proper update way back in October 2011, and added only the ability to +1 articles in Reader.

Instead, I rely on the countless third-party apps out there taking advantage of Google Reader’s API to present my feeds and stories in far more pleasing ways.

But that’s still not perfect. Does manually subscribing to individual feeds not seem archaic in today’s buzzword-filled Web landscape? Thus it is no surprise really, despite the howls of protest, that Google is ending the Reader service come July.

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Hands on: Poetic Slimline Portfolio cases for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

26 Jan


One of the things about buying an Android tablet is that there are fewer choices when it comes to cases.

That has changed a little in the past six months with the arrival of the Google Nexus 7, which has proven very popular, and the Nexus 10 that is being sold in the United States, but it’s still not that easy looking for one in Singapore stores.

Earlier this week, a couple of cases I ordered from Amazon finally came for my wife’s Nexus 7 and my own Nexus 10. They are branded Poetic and sold by Exact-Deal on Amazon. And they turned out pretty nice.

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Five accessories and apps to jazz up your Google Nexus 4

6 Jan


So you just got your new Google Nexus 4 and are itching to jazz it up with some cool accessories or apps. Unfortunately, at least for Singapore, where the phone is yet to start shipping officially, there aren’t that many cases and add-ons to shop for in the retail stores.

But no worries, there’s always Amazon and your familiar reseller in tech forums to help out. Fancy a wireless charger, a handy wireless tag or case? Here are five worth checking out.

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