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Intel pushes customised silicon, Big Data options in Asia

21 Aug
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Intel researcher uses Big Data to locate trees are pollinating
Source: Intel

Intel has received “lots” of requests for custom-designed chips and software that work specifically with these chips, as data centres look to run faster, cheaper and greener while crunching and storing more data in future.

More such customers are asking for custom server processors, said Ron Kasabian, Intel’s general manager for Big Data solutions, while others have looked to streamline their data centre operations with software that is optimised to run with Intel hardware, such as its own version of Hadoop.

The plan, he added, was still to create software that run well with Intel’s server chips, such as its Xeon processors, before attempting to manufacture custom-designed chips for some of the biggest data centres of the world.

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Computex 2013: can Intel convince users with “2-in-1″ tablet-laptop devices?

5 Jun
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Intel Computex Photo
Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai (left) at Intel executive vice-president Tom Kilroy’s Computex keynote.

As if you did not get the message last year, PC makers are coming up with even more hybrid designs this year that promise to deliver the best from both a tablet and laptop.

Expect more of the detachable, convertible, flip, slider, rotatable designs that have characterised the most dramatic rethink in PCs in years, going by the new devices unveiled at this year’s Computex show in Taipei this week.

This year, though, these “two-in-one” gadgets can run even faster and longer while being thinner and lighter, thanks to Intel’s new “Haswell” or fourth-gen Core processors made specially for users on the move.

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Four affordable – yet fast – ultrabooks for about S$1,500

18 May

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

If money is no issue, then Lenovo’s X1 Carbon Touch (above) is an ideal slim and light companion for all your work trips. But if you can’t bear to part with S$2,999 for the expensive laptop, there are affordable – yet fast – ultrabooks that make for great machines on the go.

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Does sharpest fall in PC shipments signal the start of the end?

12 Apr

HP ElitePad 900

The arrival of touch-screen tablets and other designs with screens that flip, turn or rotate has not revived the fortunes of the ailing PC market.

Instead of providing a much-needed reboot, these Windows 8 machines may actually have made things worse by plunging the market into its steepest ever decline, according to research firm IDC.

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Will 2013 be an exciting year for PC enthusiasts?

7 Jan
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Intel NUC


At the start of each new year, you inevitably hear about the end of the PC, if not the laptop, then surely, the desktop PC. After all, with all the focus on touch-based portable machines, who has time for that less sexy DIY PC you build with your own bare hands?

Well, fortunately, the desktop PC or the DIY PC isn’t going away. True, it’s not grabbing headlines like before, but for PC buffs, 2013 should bring interesting designs and more flexible uses of their much-loved machines.

CPUs are more powerful yet cooler and quieter, making a full-fledged living room PC truly possible now. Plus, with so many different designs, you’ll be glad you are building your own PC rather than buying a cookie-cutter design.

Here’s why 2013 looks interesting to the PC buff.

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Picking the right Windows 8 version and device

21 Oct

With Windows 8 just days from launch, one word is increasingly on the lips of folks in the industry – confusion.

While Windows 8 brings with it loads of innovation, including a touch-friendly interface, the various software versions and sheer variety of devices appearing on shelves everywhere could well have some consumers scratching their heads. Apparently, even some folks in Microsoft can’t tell the difference.

How do you choose between Windows 8 and Windows RT? Do you buy Microsoft’s Surface tablet or an iPad, or well, a laptop? What’s with these hybrid devices that promise the best of both worlds?

Here’s a quick guide to pick the right software and device.

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Windows 8 tablets and hybrids: to buy or not to buy?

30 Sep

The world is going to be a little stranger from next month, when the first tablets and hybrids running Windows 8 turn up in stores everywhere with the promise of a touch interface that rivals the iPad and Android tablets.

On the shelves will be devices with screens that slide out, swivel and snap back to turn into iPad-like machines. Then, there are conventional clamshell-shaped laptops that come with touch screens. All will be incredibly light – some less than 1kg – to rival even the currently skinny ultrabooks.

Yet, despite the most innovative designs in years from the likes of Asus, Dell and Samsung, will consumers bite? Will they junk their iPads and fat laptops now and go for a single device that does it all?

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Intel throws in “Clover Trail” Atom to the Windows 8 tablet mix

29 Sep
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Intel has formally shown off a new low-power Atom chip running on Windows 8 tablets that it hopes will help muscle into a portable devices market that had proven hard to crack in the past.

Codenamed Clover Trail, the new Atom chips will power upcoming Windows 8 devices appearing in the next two months, especially ones that are ultra-thin and aimed at Apple’s iPad tablets.

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Intel pushes ahead with 4th gen Core chips, aims to convince mobile users in 2013

12 Sep
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Intel has just formally unveiled its fourth generation Core CPUs, sticking to its guns to push out cross-over tablets and ultrabooks that promise enhanced performance while providing a full day’s battery life in 2013.

These new chips, previously codenamed Haswell, can produce the same performance while consuming half the battery life of this year’s Ivybridge or third-generation Core CPUs, which are expected to power the first Windows 8 devices. The new CPUs also use 20 times less power while idle.

At full speed, the new CPUs’ graphics prowess surpasses the current CPUs easily, according to demos at the annual Intel Developer Forum at San Francisco this week.

Intel hopes the new chips will further push the sales of ultrabooks, which have wowed many users with their innovative designs, but have not sold as well as expected. Last week, the semiconductor giant had to downgrade its sales prediction for the third quarter

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Goondu DIY: build a rocking Ivybridge desktop PC

2 Aug

Who needs a desktop PC any more? That question replayed in my head more than a dozen times in recent weeks when I was thinking of rebuilding a new PC.

After all, with the exception of gaming – and I am playing fewer games these days – there really isn’t much that a cheap, fast and pretty ultrabook cannot do. Even if I wanted to build a new PC, I could buy a really small case, stuff it with all the excellent gear and be really happy with it.

But one look at the classic Silverstone TJ07 case I’ve been using for more than five years, and it’s clear I’m keeping that amazing piece of gear. Despite its rather dated interior layout and being better suited for a watercooling setup, its aluminium unibody design is still stunning to look at and puts a smile on many PC builders.

And so I built a new PC with it in the past few days. Here’s a brief work log of sorts of my new PC based on an Intel Ivybridge CPU.

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