No 3G iPhones from HK to SG … yet

July 3rd, 2008 | by limbeer

Hutchinson/3 here in Hong Kong recently announced their iPhone prices and their mandatory subscription plans here.

To cut to the chase, it seems like if you’re thinking of getting an iPhone at an uncontracted price for use in Singapore – fat chance, at least for now. 3’s FAQ says:

Will standalone iPhone 3G handset be available for sale?
No. The iPhone 3G needs to go with a series of data-centric tariff plan in order to perform its best. 3 Hong Kong has tailor-made a series of data tariff plans, coupled with unique contents and applications, allowing 3G users to fully indulge in the mobile Internet world.

So that simply means that you’ve gotta be prepared to squander HK$2,938 + (24 months of HK$188) = HK$7,450 (about SG$1,307) for an 8GB one. Thankfully there’s no 7% GST on top of that.

Oh, and this is provided you are one of 500 “lucky” pre-registered folks who have signed up to buy it.

All that trouble and you’re still better off buying the US$600 uncontracted one from AT&T.

I think I’ll wait.


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