Apple = no virus?

July 24th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew

You’ve probably seen those Apple ads that proclaim that there are no/few viruses for Macs.

Well, it doesn’t matter that virus writers don’t bother with Macs because they only take up less than 5 per cent of the world’s personal computer market.

But guess what, now that Apple’s iPhone is hyped up to be the best thing that happened, security holes are appearing. According to a report in Computerworld, there are vulnerabilities in the software that can lead to users being “phished”.

The problems, it says, are to do with the Safari browser and Mail applications.

CW quoted security expert Aviv Raff, who reported the three loopholes, as saying: “By creating a specially crafted URL and sending it via an e-mail, an attacker can convince the user that the spoofed URL, showed in the Mail application, is from a trusted domain such as a bank, PayPal or social networks.”

If you are already dying to buy an iPhone, this won’t change your mind, of course. Just don’t buy into the hype that viruses are only for PCs and PC users.

Speaking of hype, older geeks wll remember how Apple used to make fun of Intel chips when it used Motorola ones, in ads that parodied Intel’s bunny-suited geeks. Guess what, today, it’s Intel inside for Apple, who now sings the tune that Intel’s the best thing ever!

Don’t want to clunk up the page, so first watch this (says Intel is crap):

then this (says Intel is cool),


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