StarHub DNS servers down

August 7th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew

The time is about 10 plus in the night, and my StarHub connection suddenly went down… first MSN, then my FTP, then Web browsing.

Reset the router, then the modem and realised that I’ve got an IP address from StarHub but things can’t move. Called StarHub and they were swamped by calls – an automated message just tells me to e-mail them and hung up.

Then my friend Albert told me it’s StarHub’s DNS servers being down. So I changed the “auto” DNS settings to point to another ISP’s DNS and things started moving again. That’s how I am blogging about this now.

Since I first noticed the problem, StarHub’s DNS servers have been up and down past few minutes. Share your experiences here if you got the same problems.

Update: It’s about 12 midnight now, and things appear back to normal.


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