Amazon Fresh replaces buggy Amazon Prime Now app for 2-hour grocery deliveries in Singapore

December 8th, 2020 | by Alfred Siew
Amazon Fresh replaces buggy Amazon Prime Now app for 2-hour grocery deliveries in Singapore
Amazon Fresh website. SCREENSHOT: Alfred Siew

After struggling with a buggy app for three years, Amazon users in Singapore can finally order groceries and get them delivered within two hours with the company’s integrated Amazon Shopping app and website.

The new service, called Fresh, will make it easier for users to buy all their items at one shopfront, instead of switching between two that were set up in Singapore over time.

In July 2017, the American e-commerce giant had unveiled its Prime Now service that sold a limited list of items and delivered them within two hours.

Then, in October 2019, Amazon launched a larger store that sold more than just groceries, and added items sold on its American store as well. However, items usually shipped the next day, at the earliest.

The two seemingly separate online stores often caused confusion for many users, because they appeared to have different inventory lists and even different prices at times.

Prime Now, which was available only as a mobile app, not on a website, was also hard to use if you had a long shopping list. Some users also had issues installing it on some mobile devices, including popular makes like Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

The launch of Amazon Fresh may have removed that pain point. Today, everything is available on as well as the Amazon Shopping app on mobile devices.

To get quick two-hour deliveries on selected items, shoppers can click on the Fresh section of the website or app. Or they can simply go to

The fast delivery, of course, requires with a Prime membership that costs S$2.99 a month in Singapore. To get free two-hour delivery, you need to spend S$60 on your Fresh orders.

During the holiday season, Amazon also offers a special one-hour delivery for last-minute gifts, subject to availability of couriers, of course. And that will cost a “nominal fee” of S$9.99, it says.

CORRECTION at 09/12/20, 3:22pm: An earlier version of the story stated that was opened in December 2017. This is incorrect. It opened in October 2019. The story has been updated to reflect this. We are sorry for the error.

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