HTC’s white diamond

December 18th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew

HTC has come up with a “white” version of the Touch Diamond, its much-loved (but slightly laggy) touch-screen phone.

It comes with all the same features, including a sharp VGA, 2.8-inch screen and 3.2-meg lens that does pretty well in bright light for a Windows Mobile phone.

But the real difference for this similarly-priced (S$1,098) model is just the like-it-or-hate-it “diamond” back cover.

This was the weakest part of the phone for me personally, as the plastic not only looks a little cheap, but also reminds one of the ugly Nokia “fashion” phones of old (yucks, the Prism!).

I wish HTC had brought in the Diamond sold by Japan operator EMobile, which sports a nice rounded frame and a smooth backplate instead of the ugly “diamond” or “Prism” shapes.

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