Check when fibre is coming to your home

June 16th, 2009 | by Alfred Siew

One piece of good news from this morning’s CommunicAsia announcements is that ultra-fast broadband is coming to homes in Singapore via a fibre optic network as soon as September.

This means you have to have your house or apartment wired up with these new cables. You can check here by typing in your postal code at the website of Opennet, the company tasked with rolling it out.

Don’t go to the URL that the official press releases point you to, because the opening page has problems loading on many browsers. Go instead to

Well, I checked my place in Upper Serangoon and I should have fibre installed as early as Oct 2009. Hooray!

UPDATE: The rollout date is only for laying the fibre optic cable to your home, the Opennet folks have clarified at a press conference here. Nucleus Connect, the OpCo, will “light up” the fibre optics” and enable a broadband service later. I sense some confusion coming along…

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