A golden dragon for your new Vertu?

January 6th, 2012 | by Alfred Siew

Okay, its eyes don’t light up in red and it doesn’t breathe digital fire, but a gaudy golden dragon – as cheesy a “Chinese” symbol as you can find – is going to adorn the face of Vertu’s new Signature phone specially designed for the Lunar New Year.

According to CNet Asia, it is part of a trio of phones aimed at the Chinese and these customers can choose a set of fittings from a) stainless steel and emerald, b)black stainless steel and c) ruby or yellow gold and diamond models.

Apparently, the centrepiece – the dragon – is exquisitely hand-crafted. Says the CNet report:

Vertu’s Signature collection gets the royal treatment with precious stones and top-grade metals, plus a garish hand-engraved four-claw dragon on the battery cover. It’s not to be sniffed at; the dragon takes four craftsmen over a day to complete engraving. The yellow gold version is even sent to Switzerland for certification, then returns to the workshop for its precious stone adornment.

Pity there’s no hint of jade in this Vertu. It’d have been a perfect phone to place on the table for visiting relatives to catch an envious glimpse of, don’t you think, towkay?


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