No more ugly IDA stickers on phones and gadgets?

April 5th, 2012 | by Alfred Siew
No more ugly IDA stickers on phones and gadgets?

Compliance labels that stick out like a sore thumb on your shiny new gadgets could become a thing of the past in Singapore, after the government infocomm regulator said on Wednesday that it is allowing electronic versions that are less costly and easier to show to consumers.

These labels are meant to show consumers that the equipment are allowed for use in Singapore, without interfering wirelessly with other gadgets using the frequency spectrum in the country. Currently, dealers have to paste their stickers either on their phones or on the instruction manuals.

Now, instead of the traditional stickers, dealers can now show these labels electronically either on the phone or tablet’s screen or by including it in a soft-copy of the instruction manual. 

This, said the Infocomm Development Authority in a statement on Wednesday, helps make it easier and less costly for manufacturers and suppliers to show the labels on their devices. More importantly, for consumers, the move could mean goodbye to unsightly labels.

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