Comex 2012: Best telco broadband deals

August 31st, 2012 | by Chan Chi-Loong

Banners at Comex 2012 for SingTel and M1

This year at Comex 2012 it is a marketing battle between the red and yellow, with a slice of purple thrown in.

One of the bigger IT fairs held at Suntec City, Comex 2012 traditionally has the three big telcos — StarHub (green), SingTel (red) and M1 (yellow) — duking it out. Promoters in all three colours will typically be aggressively enticing visitors to visit their booths.

However this year it seems that StarHub has taken a smaller role in the marketing battle compared with last year.

It felt as if that there were fewer green-coloured promoters wandering Halls 4 and Halls 6 today. Location wise, StarHub is situated in a less visible corner on Level 3 whilst both M1 and SingTel takes up quite a few conference room spaces on level 3.

MyRepublic, even though it only bought a mid-sized booth in Hall 6 — which traditionally houses the smaller, less important IT stalls compared to those in Hall 4 — seemed to have a huge presence today as they had enthusiastic purple-shirted promoters giving out flyers everywhere.

Read, yellow and purple

And no wonder, as I feel that the best broadband fibre offers, in my opinion, seem to be coming from SingTel, M1 and MyRepublic.

SingTel has an extremely aggressive S$49.90/month 150mbps 2-year fibre package. At this price point, most other competitors are providing only 100mbps.

M1 still has one of the best value-for-money broadband fibre packages around, with its S$39/month 100mbps 2-year plan.

And MyRepublic has its PURE S$59/month 100mbps 2-year package, with a ton of freebies thrown in: Free installation, free router, free five months subscription.

ViewQwest is also represented at the show, and they are at a small booth in the middle of Hall 6.

For more information on pricing plans, you can check out this article.

Update (31st August 10am):
StarHub has just upped the ante and revised its fibre pricing plan to match SingTel’s offer at Comex 2012.

Was just contacted this morning by their comms that StarHub is now offering MaxInfinity Elite, a fibre 150mbps plan for S$47.94/month. This obsoletes their MaxInfinity Ultimate advertised yesterday on their Comex flyers, which was a 100mbps fibre broadband plan for S$49.65/month.

This deal is available at all StarHub shops and not only at Comex.

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