New HP laptops come with built-in privacy screens

August 28th, 2016 | by Desmond Koh
New HP laptops come with built-in privacy screens

HP EliteBook 1040 with HP Sure View

HP unveiled possibly the world’s first laptops with built-in privacy screens on Friday, helping users avoid the common annoyance of other people peering into their screens, say, on a flight or long commute.

Developed with 3M’s know-how, the new laptops come with HP’s so-called Sure View technology, which reduces 95 per cent of visible light on screens viewed from an angle.

All that users have to do is press the F2 key on their machines. Previously, it was often a challenge to find a right-sized privacy screen to fit one’s laptop.

Available as an option on the HP EliteBook 840 and 1040 line, HP Sure View will combat the threat of visual hacking, as illustrated by studies conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by 3M.

They found that nine out of 10 attempts to acquire sensitive business information using only visual means were successful, with nearly four pieces of private information obtained per trial.

A similar study by Ponemon and sponsored by 3M also found that employees using a visual privacy solution can be twice as productive when working in close proximity to others.

Privacy screens thus help users work more confidently in public settings, without fear of their data being exposed to others, argued the proponents.

The technology could also help businesses in the healthcare, finance and the public service sectors in meeting regulatory requirements.

HP Sure View will be available locally in Singapore as an option on the above-mentioned product lines starting October.

UPDATE at 30/08/2016 11:00am: An earlier version of the article said that the products are available in the US. HP has confirmed that they are also available in Singapore at the time of writing.

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