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Building a more sustainable future with 6G

By focusing on sustainability as a key driver of 6G research, we

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2.6 billion 5G subscriptions by end of 2025: Ericsson

There will be 2.6 billion 5G subscriptions by end-2025, as the new

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Eyeing next wave of 5G deployments, Ericsson to focus on security and enhance supply chain

Ericsson believes more deployments are emerging and is readying itself to catch

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Enterprises are early 5G adopters but consumers would need an “iPhone moment”

The first commercial deployments for 5G is beginning soon in the region,

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As telcos prepare for 5G, no more frantic search for a killer app

5G is unique in that the industry is not frantically looking for

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Telcos can look to AI to solve 5G network problems: Ericsson

Reducing human intervention is one of the processes that have to be

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High bandwidth, low latency from 5G promise virtual reality experiences

The bandwidth and low latency that 5G offers make it possible for

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Q&A: Ericsson sees 5G rollouts to end-users by 2020

Ericsson's head of network products in Southeast Asia, Linda Lindberg, says 5G

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Telstra starts 5G trials with Ericsson in Australia

Australian telecom operator Telstra has started 5G field tests in anticipation of

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More IoT devices than phones by 2018: Ericsson

As more IoT equipment gets set up in the next two years,

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Singtel to test 5G technologies with Ericsson in Asia-Pacific

Actual consumer trials could start closer to 2020, when commercial equipment become

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‘Smart packages’ effective in pre-paid smartphone market may be better than slashing data caps

Although mobile data usage among prepaid customers has traditionally been low, an

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