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SimplyGo EZ-Link woes: Why contactless payment lifted off elsewhere but not in Singapore

The latest SimplyGo EZ-Link card woes are another disappointing episode in Singapore's…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Outdated on arrival, ERP 2.0 is the type of costly technology project Singapore should avoid

Motorists in Singapore have to set up road toll collection units in…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Make “next-gen” ERP module optional for Singapore vehicle owners in future

The onboard unit or OBU that collects road toll in Singapore in…

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Singapore authorities threaten to unwind Grab-Uber merger but the cab has long left

In the Grab-Uber merger, the authorities here have been shown up in…

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Another raw deal for consumers as oBike becomes latest failure in the platform economy

When startups like oBike fail, do consumers have to pay the price?

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Tougher rules proposed for bike sharing in Singapore show limits of sharing economy

As the bike sharing services here and elsewhere have shown, people tend…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

New rules for autonomous vehicles in Singapore, but tough questions await

Answering the tough questions on responsibility and liability is altogether something else,…

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Singapore commuters finally get to pay for rides with their phones

After years of technology trials, Singapore commuters will finally get to tap…

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Five privacy questions for Singapore’s gantry-free ERP system

Almost as a side note to how great this new satellite tracking…

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Singapore government apps: SingStat gets it right, LTA not quite

Government agencies should only start developing apps when it provides a public…

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Google Maps packs in the data with LTA and Quantum Inventions

Yes, Google has spoken… when it comes to improving its map's accuracy…

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