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Is Nokia’s Windows-powered Lumia 800 its comeback phone?

Shipping in Singapore and a handful of other Asian markets, the Lumia…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Goondu Review: Windows Phone 7.5 is now a serious contender

With new features like multi-tasking and surprisingly better performance, the platform is…

Raymond Lau Raymond Lau

HTC’s Radar Windows Phone priced well at S$569, out in Singapore in October

HTC is shipping its first smartphone with Microsoft's much-awaited "Mango" version of…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Microsoft sends Windows “Mango” to phone makers, hopes to crawl back market share

Microsoft has sent its next iteration of the Windows Phone software to…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Mango update sweetens Windows Phone 7

Mango is an excellent upgrade which brings WP7 up to par, and…

Raymond Lau Raymond Lau