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Symantec enhances Chennai security operations centre where the “sun never sets”

Symantec unveiled an enhanced security operations centre (SOC) in Chennai, India that…

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Complacency, unsecured new devices put users at risk online: Symantec

Complacency, poor habits and a cavalier attitude towards Internet-enabled devices are putting…

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Survey: kids may be opening up PCs to cyber threats at home

As many as 30 per cent of parents here have had their…

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Financial Trojan Citadel disrupted in take-down operation

A Trojan horse program specifically targeting banks has been taken out this…

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Symantec: New spam campaign targets Tumblr users

Spammers are now targeting popular social media site Tumblr, according to a…

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Beware of malicious app that claims to provide X-ray vision

There have been enough people falling for it - and being blackmailed…

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Russian spam campaign targets International Women’s Day

Another special day, another spam campaign. If you’ve received an e-mail in…

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Data Privacy Day: Five tips to protect your online privacy

On Monday, the world marked Data Privacy Day, an international day that…

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Symantec warns users of fake Android app marketplace

Android users should refrain from downloading apps from a fake application marketplace…

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Latest Loozfon malware takes aim at women Android users

A piece of malware infecting Android phones in Japan has targeted women…

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Smartphone malware is real – here are some tips to keep clear

Sometimes, fear-mongering can have the opposite effect - it makes you feel…

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Would you give a stranger unlimited access to your PC for US$1 million?

A recent survey commissioned by anti-virus maker Norton found that 76 per…

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Trend Micro bets on Clouds: a commentary

Trend Micro bets on clouds: a commentary

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