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Most Singaporeans say they can go cashless for a day: Visa survey

Most Singaporeans say they can go a day without using cash to

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Two-thirds of S’poreans have used mobile payments as on-demand services gain support: Visa

Two-thirds of the Singaporeans surveyed in a Visa-commsioned study have used their

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Q&A: Visa’s Ooi Huey Tyng expects swift takeup of mobile wallets in Singapore

Mobile wallets will take off swiftly in Singapore, because users are already

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Out in Singapore, Visa Checkout promises easier online shopping

The service lets users pay for items more easily, without having to

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Pay for McDonald’s with Visa payWave in Singapore

You can now pay for a Big Mac or Prosperity Burger by

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With a million tap-and-pay payWave cards in Singapore, Visa looks to phones

Visa card holders in Singapore will soon be able to pay for

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