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Dawn Of War 2 won’t run without Internet connection

February 25th, 2009 | by Oo Gin Lee

Yes. you heard it right. Even if you are playing a single player campaign or a 1vs1 skirmish against the computer. You need to first launch Steam and log in to Steam for the game to even launch. And this is not just for initial activation, but for subsequent plays. So when I tried to run the game without logging into Steam, nothing happens at all. The game doesn’t even launch. I log into Steam and the game loads.

It’s quite obvious what these guys are trying to do – they are trying to fight piracy. But they end up alienating the users. I have played RTS since the first Dune 2, and I have never had to go online to fight against the computer. In fact, I have never played a PC game that requires me to do this, unless it is an MMOG like World Of Warcraft.

I understand that piracy is really killing the PC business, but in an environment where console games are outselling PC games (revenues for console games are about 8x more than PC games worldwide) and beating the shit out of them, you don’t want to make you legitimate PC gamers angry.

And what about selling to the countries without much of a Net penetration? Or have they given up on these countries altogether?

Update: Some forumers are asking if this will work if Steam is running in offline mode. I will try that tonight. Another issue is whether you need to have a Windows Live account logged-in to play. Will also test that tonight. But having played this game for about 6 hours, I do like it a lot.

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  • Andre

    I just purchased the Dawn Of War @ Gold Edition.  Got all excited to install and play but…then Steam got in the way…install their client and the stupid program tells me I am not connected to the internet!  Their support is useless!  Applied all portforwarding as required, even uninstalled programs that could inhibit the steam client from working and it still does not work!  So I iffer a beautiful great big FUCK YOU to Steam.  I have just wasted my money and have missed out on playing a game I was really looking forward to playing.  I wonder if I can find a crack or someway of circumventing the Steam client nonesense!  I paid good money for th egame and now I cant play it and they wont refund my money saying it is my problem!  Again, I say, FUCK YOU steam!

  • Dawnofwar2

    I’m having a hard time just installing the game, all sort of crap spyware pops up and asks for passwords and shit I just want to play the fucking game why I need a password???
    Now the cd is finally spinning, but I’m tempted to toss the game away… luckily I only paid 10€ for that but it’s still a defective product.

  • Anon


  • DUy

    I had to wait like 12 hours for Steam to update itself, and got through an unforgivable amount of trouble, wasting too much time and become extremely stressful for a game. Dawn of war 2 is not a bad game but it’s simply does not deserve such effort. And the funniest thing is my douche bag friends downloaded it free on Internet in 2 hours and spent like 15 minutes to crack it, making me feel extremely stupid. When I returned the disk to the store, I said the problems of the game were the low level of intelligence of Relic for choosing Steam and the ultimate incompetency of those who created Steam and they actually accepted it ^,^. Swear to God I won’t touch anything that has Steam in it from now on and I will encourage as many people as I can to do the same thing. Fuck you Relic, fuck you Steam. return the money for those who can’t play it.

  • midhun

    well all i say to you steam is you lost one more legit gamer to the pirates….so up yours….

  • Dagoelius

    @ WOLF

    quote “2.)You can play offline its just the first time you start to play you have to activate it online then you can start your steam in offline mode and play to your hearts content”

    Sorry Wolf but this is BS. IF you can get it to install properly, you STILL have to wait over 2 and 1/2 hours(on ADSL) for the fucking update from steam BEFORE you can even play the game!

    buy game,
    install game,
    play game.
    its not rocket science.


  • Fank

    I bought the game, to play it in singel playern and on lan parties. I dont connect my gaming and working PC to the internet. Now i had to put up a connection, thousand erros showed up and I cant play the game. I hate relic for that and i wish the persons respeonsible a painful, slow an lonesom death. Ill never buy any game of this enterprise again.

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  • Bob Dole

    Another person running their mouth without so much as LOOKING for “Offline mode” which is clearly visible.
    People making posts like this which give PC Game makers a bad rep are the reason consoles are slowly winning.

    Shut your damned mouth unless you know what you’re talking about.

  • Nice one….


    I bought DOW2 today to play in single player until I can set up a broadband account next month, (I have already applied but it’ll take 30 days to sort everything out/get the modem)

    In the meantime I am completely unable to play this game. What an absolute joke.

    Relic, it’s this kind of treatment which is FORCING people to pirate your otherwise good software.

    I’m using internet tethering for my phone to connect and post this message after trying to see if there’s another way around it. I get a 5mb per day limit for 3g, which steam will piss all over, so I can’t update steam, create an offline account and jump through all the other hoops you put in the way of me simply enjoying your product.

    I have steam and usually love it, but without an adequate broadband connection until next month, I can’t play anything, hence my purchase of this game.

    Nowhere on the box does it indicate that you HAVE to have a broadband connection to realistically have any chance of playing.

    It’s a massive jump of logic to force people online to play the single player campaign/skirmishes. Couple that with the low technical ability of people like my father who hasn’t a hope in hell of manages to follow the obtuse processes, (windows live ffs…) and you’ve lost a potential customer.

    I hope someone from relic reads this and takes it to the management. It is sorely tempting for me to get a friend to download the pirated version and play that instead. This is your fault.

    Bottom line – Treating your customers like shit encourages piracy.


  • Jackoe98

    Dudes so what if it has steam and lots of updates just update it get steam activate the game then put steam on offline mode then u wont be using the internet any more. and it will still work with diel up it will just be slower.

  • I Hate Steam

    … so i have a 56K connect, i DL at 2.2kb/s …. so guess what “estimated time to download [More Than 1 Year]” (the patch btw)

    …………….why? and hows a guy not update and play, cause i spent 50$ on this BS…

  • Bronzehand

    Gentlemen and who ever is out there from steam. What it comes down to is that they are screwing out their fan base. I am in the Army. I bought the game while deployed to a base in Afghanistan. I played on line and loved it. I then got moved to a smaller base with no internet and can no longer play the game i spent good money on. The instructions listed above do not work for some reason.

    I went online with steam before we moved. Switched it to offline mode, then when it restarted and could not connect to the profile or anything the game would not launch.

    Does that seem fair to you guys at steam? So not only have you made it nearly impossible for loyal game fans to continue playing if something should happen to their internet. You are most definitely loosing the new fans as well.

    If anyone has or can offer an actual fix to this please email me directly. Maybe i haven’t tried everything or haven’t followed the instructions well though they seem simple. I will have access to the common area PCs and can check my email there.


    hey Rohnur i bet u kiss society’s ass and suck its dick, hackers exsist bec. there is security not the other way around,and for every measure they take there will be an anti-measure, this is natures law. yin and yang. u want to waste ur money on overpriced games before fully testing it, be my guest. so stfu and and keep that terrorist ideology crap to ur fucking ass self. dont like it commit suicide, simple & easy.


  • Bloxed

    Yes it does run offline.

  • mitts

    Thankyou sooooooooo much guys i’m a fan of DOW1 and was gonna play the demo of DOW2 then buy it but after downloading the demo i was told to install “steam” which i’ve never heard of so thought i’d google the company 1st before installing on my pc and after reading comments on here i’ve deleted the demo and will not be buying the game which is a shame cos i’m into warhammer40k.Thanks again guys for a very helpful forum :)

  • KBR Medic 7

    I am currently in Tikrit, Iraq and just got my new computer from (toshiba qosimo q887, fast machine), BUT the Sniperhill internet connection that we have on base SUCKS. It took me about 6 hours to download the update and now I can not get into the game at all because windows live keeps getting stuck.

    I have turned off my firewall, turned it on with permission granted to Steam and to windows live, tried every trick I can find on the internet (Thank god for my company connection, it is pretty fast, too bad I can not play games on the company laptop) and still nothing.

    I am with the majority on this forum, I will never again purchase or play a game that requires steam or GFWL. Not worth the hassle, I can find better things to do with my time.

  • Tedmouse

    I hate the heck out of steam darn thing was so bugged on modernwarfare 2 that it damaged my system 32 on xp. i had to completely redo xp.
    damages included. NO SOUND, Video card driver damage. no reconition of cpu. xp service pack unknown. and a blown lcd inverter. problem is they cannot be responsible for such damages because i agreed to their contract, i read every contract before i agree.
    good thing i am a techy it took 2 days and 15 dollars to fix. i had a extra lcd inverter.
    NOTE/ steam was the only thing turned on before modern warefare 2 and caused the noticeable damage!!! before modern warefare 2 came on.

    i however installed a older steam to combat the problems of the newer steam. it worked and i have had no problems since. but dawn of war 2 seems to only be playable on multplayer and coop online. they could of lest left lan playing offline…..

  • Death to Steam

    Those chimps high up in their office need to get off their backsides and fix their shoddy products. I had no idea what steam was when I got the game but now they have become the bane of my life!

  • Sean ‘JD’ Jordan

    Ok, so i can understand the anti-piracy thing, and in my opinion if you buy a pirate game you get exactly what you paid for, a lot of dodgy shit.
    My quarm is that I am in the middle of Afghanistan, with extremely limited access to the internet, let alone limited downloads, and i have spent the past 2 days trying to download a patch so that i can play a game that i purchased on my computer without it demanding to go online.
    Yes online play is great, when you have access, but why do i need to be online, or why do i NEED to download a patch so that i can actually play the game!
    Anti-piracy gone way too far chaps, I will be avoiding all ‘Steam’ and ‘MS Live’ games from now on, and would strongly advise any others to do the same. As for the forces, if you insist on buying a ‘Steam’ game, ensure you can get access to a plug in net connection as it won’t download over the ‘paradigm’ service. Do as many favors as you can, as I have done.


  • Aqimie Nytemare

    One question…

    1) Why DOW2 can’t be like its glorified predecessors like Soulstorm or Dark Crusade?

    I’m rather pissed with this bane of gamers called STEAM.

    The STEAM is making many nomadic guys like me that drooled and played the game with a laptop while venturing into “ancient” rural areas, looked like two-weeks old pile of nano-turds. Those leech-infested places is where the Net isn’t much of a upgrade to us. After all, I’m a die hard W40k fan and I can’t live peacefully without playing the W40K games.

  • kane jakeobs

    damm game scrwed me around for 7 hours

  • Wolf

    I have a few things to rant about on this subject and unfortunately its not on the steam problem. Its about all the guys ranting on the THQ and Relic companies.

    1.)If your a hardcore gamer then you should suck it up get over to your friends or get a wireless connection from across the street with low connectivity like I did cause I think I should play the game once before I get mad at the companies or the game. Its well worth the 3 hour update process I went through

    2.)You can play offline its just the first time you start to play you have to activate it online then you can start your steam in offline mode and play to your hearts content.

    3.)Once you start playing this game you will forget all about the updating and installing process cause this game is so f**king fun I congratulate THQ and Relic for all their hardwork on this game. I wish I could install it on my dads comp because its better but its internet settings a screwed up right now and im in the process of figuring out what happened.

    4.)The reason they do this is to stop piracy I can’t blame them for trying but like a dude said up there “People who pirate are always one step ahead of the anti-piracy companies.” Of course I kinda Para-phrased.

    5.)You guys should suck it up all the time your thinking up what your gonna say in your rant you could have been installing the game and playing by the time you got done writing this. I haven’t found any big reason to stop buying THQ and Relic games.

    6.)I do however agree that you shouldn’t have to have your game connected to the internet at anytime as in after installing the game even if its just once. Mainly because not everyone has a internet connection just like my dads computer can’t.

    7.)The only thing I don’t like about this game is the graphics requirements D: mainly cause i have to play it on low settings to get it to play without being choppy and to get it to play normally. ;D

    Thank you for letting me get a little rant out there.

  • wtf

    Man i just finished soulstorm today. i loved the series and wanted to cash in for DOW2 until i read this page. I dont have internet connection in my house becuz i just moved in and it will prolly take lik 1mth to get one(i m in internet cafe now). There is this so called steam thing that makes u get steamed up and everyday my fren who plays DOW2 complained at least once on how steam is a fag

  • John

    I have to say i used to be able to play this game just fine i never played online because i prefer offline gaming. Recently something magical happened and now dawn of war or steam or something can’t connect to the internet which is decent and I can no longer play and apparently offline mode isn’t available for this game. fuck this i’ve never been so irritated just make people register their game to go online and save us people who are happy with single player the trouble of online servers and whatnot

  • Reaper

    The damn thing WILL NOT EVEN START for me so far. Good luck all you people who made DOW 2. Im not buying another one of those games!

  • DoW pissed off fan


  • DoW pissed off fan


  • Andreaz

    I bought the gold edition yesterday.
    I cannot even get it to run on my high tech game pc. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, uninstalled steam, reinstalled steam, uninstalled windows live, reinstalled windows live etc. etc.
    It just won’t boot. Every time I click the icon and nothing happens Steam tell me afterwards that I have been playing the game, which is bullshit.

    So now I have downloaded a pirated copy and have no problems at all.
    The pirated copy is a breeze to use.

    I have learned an important lesson. I should download more pirated games for free instead of buying legitimate copies. Thank you.
    I won’t be buying legitimate steam dependent games again anytime soon, but you can be assured I will be playing them and it will cost me nothing.

    Thank you steam, thank you thq, thank you relic.

  • Kaihekoa

    Though this is an old post, it should be noted that you do not need to be online to play Dawn of War II via Steam. Steam has an offline mode in the even you do not want or cannot connect to the Internet. Link: As far as having to launch a secondary application to play and register your key I see absolutely no reason why people are protesting this simple security measure.

    The idea of any good security measure is to implement something that is effective, but causes the least inconvenience to those that abide by the laws. It takes an extra five to ten seconds to launch Steam first, and the online key activation is a way to stop thieves, not treat customers as thieves. When you walk out of a retail store through the security scanner at the door do you throw a fit over being treated like a thief? Doubtful. If the security measure was more intrusive akin to a strip search, then there would obviously be a worthy argument here.

    The inconvenience of Steam being required to play a game is arguably outweighed by its benefits: cheaper games (four Civ IV or three FEAR games for $10), in-game instant messaging, achievement tracking, automatic updates and news, and a very cohesive interface for all your games. The only valid argument against Steam is that you cannot sell your used games if you don’t want to play them anymore. That is by far the biggest negative aspect of Steam. If you go through games at fast intervals, don’t buy them from Steam. If you keep games for years, then their value is minimal by the time you want to sell them anyway. If you shop intelligently on Steam, the amount of money you would have made by selling an old used game is probably close to the savings you got when purchasing it in the first place.