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    Goondu review: HTC One (M8)
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    Hands On: HTC One (M8)
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    LG’s new G Pro2 to reach Singapore in end-March
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HTC drops One X price for Singapore

28 Aug
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Taiwanese phone maker HTC is dropping the price of its top-end One X smartphone from S$898 to S$848 in Singapore, as it seeks to grab hold of market share from rivals such as Samsung.

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The three best Android phones to check out now

10 Aug

Place an ageing iPhone next to a new Samsung, HTC or LG and it’s clear why Android phones have swept up 68 per cent of the smartphone market from April to June this year.

Up from 47 per cent last year, the figures released by research firm IDC on Wednesday show that manufacturers using Google’s operating system are fast gobbling up the market with sales of close to 105 million smartphones in the recent quarter.

With big screens and fluid-smooth interfaces, the current crop are at the top of the game when it comes to letting users surf the Web, get connected on Facebook or simply watching a video. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, here are three Androids you should be looking for.

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HTC One X LTE version likely to be tuned for Singapore in 2012

2 Apr

HTC may be shipping its One X flagship phone today in Singapore, but it is also eyeing a version of the phone that logs on to the faster long-term evolution (LTE) networks later this year.

The LTE-version, able to connect to the Web several times the speed of current 3G networks, is to be tuned for Singapore and the region, which run their LTE networks using frequencies that are different from the United States.

This so-called One XL – L for LTE – is expected to have its frequencies aligned with one or both of the 1,800 and 2,600MHz bands used in Singapore, for example, when it hits the stores here in the coming months of 2012, according to sources.

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Hands on: HTC One X looks good

30 Mar

After a rather quiet 2011, the Taiwanese phone maker seems to be back this year with a quite stunning One X flagship phone that will push it into an early lead in an ultra-competitive list of top-end phones.

We had a quick hands-on session today with the Android 4.0 device at a regional launch at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and we came away quite sure this is the top-end phone to beat now.

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HTC hopes to turn phones into real cameras, backed with cloud storage, with One series

27 Feb
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After a difficult 12 months, the Taiwanese phone maker is hoping to turn the next phone you buy this year into a real camera that can take pictures as you would on dedicated cameras, which can then be easily backed up over the Internet with cloud storage.

The cameras on its new HTC One series of high-end phones are tweaked to fire in 0.7 seconds, after auto-focusing on a subject in a short 0.2 seconds, say company representatives at the annual Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona today.

What’s more, like a real camera, the new phones are expected to fire multiple shots when you hold down the snap button. And just like high-end cameras now, the software onboard is able to let you select a frame from a shot video and save it as a still image.

The “hero” among the three phones featuring these new photo-friendly features is the HTC One X, which comes packed with all the goodies you’d expect from a phone this year.

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