Spent almost S$2,000 at Sim Lim Square

October 27th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew

Yeah, I just blew that massive amount at Sim Lim this past two days. First was an impulse buy – I finally got my ATI HD4870x2, the fastest graphics card on Earth now.

Got myself the MSI version, which comes with an overclocked chip and the Rainbox Six: Vegas game for S$792. Also, with an itchy backside, I picked up a pair of Corsair Dominator RAM modules (DDR2-1066) forĀ  another $120+ at Cybermind.

Well, at least that brings my PC up to speed at breakneck speed, and I quickly sold off my trusty old GeForce 8800GTX to a friend.

That was on Friday, when the tally was already close to S$1K. Today (Sunday), I went down to Sim Lim again, but unfortunately for an unplanned purchase – a second HTC Touch Diamond.

Stupid me had dropped my phone the night before, and obviously my nice neighbours in my condo never felt the need to return a phone lying there on the floor.

After some bargaining with an ah beng shop at Sim Lim, I got my HTC Touch Diamond for a princely sum of S$930. That’s just painful, especially when I paid, what, $100+ back in July when I bought the original with a StarHub contract.

S$2K is too much to spend to spend on gadgets at one go. Enough of gadgets for the next month already!


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