Pay Apple US$9.90 to fix 46 security holes in your iPod Touch

June 23rd, 2009 | by Oo Gin Lee

For years, Apple fans have lambasted Windows for being insecure (which is true) while boasting that their own Macs “had no viruses.” It’s not that Mac had no vulnerabilities, its market share was just too small to make it worth the hackers’ time. But with iPhone and ipod Touch now taking over the world, it is only a matter of time before the viruses will appear.

What is interesting about the iPhone 3.0 OS is that while it is free for iPhone users, iPod Touch users like me ( I only bought it because I thought my wife would like it) have to pay US$9.90 for 3.0. Now 3.0 has a host of nifty features which in Apple’s principle justifies charging users for the update.

Of course only Apple gets away with this rubbish, charging users for updates to the operating system of their machine as they have done with Mac OSX for years with fancy Big Cat names to updates. Imagine if Microsoft  charged for Windows Vista Sp1 – the world would probably descend onto pandemomiun. 

But my beef with 3.0 is this – it fixes 46 security holes including stuff we only usually see when using Windows and Internet Explorer – opening malicious PDF files, visiting malicious websites, accessing malicious Exchange mail servers. So now we now know that whatever has gone before 3.0 is not exactly secure.

While there are no reported viruses to exploit these vulnerabilities, I don’t see why I should have to pay to fix something which I paid good money for which was broken from the beginning.


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