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January 6th, 2010 | by Alfred Siew

The Google phone comes to town

After all the talk, we are finally getting the Google phone – the Nexus One – out in the open and there’s even better news for Singapore users: you can buy this nifty ‘Droid phone immediately over the Net.

Yes, we are one of four countries in the world to get the phone at launch, along with the United States, Britain and Hong Kong. Cost? US$577.31 (S$806.65), if you factor in the power charger and shipping through DHL.

Made by Google partner HTC, the Google-branded Nexus One is the first to run the Android 2.1 OS. It has a number of goodies packed into a light 130g frame that is as slim as 11.5mm, or a mere few credit cards stacked together.

The large 3.7-inch AMOLED screen shows off webpages, pictures and stuff at a stunning 800 x 480 pixels, which is going to be one of the sharpest screens around at that size (the overhyped iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen sporting 480 x 320 pixels)

What we would have liked better though, from looking at the specs sheet:
>> faster, 10Mbps HSDPA (the Nexus One links up to the Net at 7.2Mbps)
>> more built-in memory (it has 512MB flash and 512MB RAM and relies on an expansion slot that support up to 32GB)

But all in, this is good news for those looking for a nice smartphone alternative to the iPhone.

Forget about silly data usage caps and jailbreaking that outdated model. In fact, there’s no waiting for this phone. It’s available online right away, and quite a few goondus here are already contemplating keying in our credit card numbers online.

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