Nexus One has 3G problems

January 9th, 2010 | by Oo Gin Lee

I was so excited to unwrap my newly minted Nexus One which arrived at about 3pm today but I did not get a chance to mess around till an hour ago as I was outside. I was immediately impressed by its speed, cool looks and excellent touch feel. I immediately installed Hoiio and SMS Backup and Facebook to get my basic apps up and running. They were all working fine and I even listened to Amazon MP3 30 second free top hits previews. Then I went downstairs and out of the Wi-Fi zone and everything stopped working. I have tried everything I know, checked my settings three times, rebooted twice but 3G simply does not work. This is obviously a problem and I am very disappointed this did not work out of the box. Will be calling HTC for support real soon!

Update: OK i figured out the problem. The phone strangely does not set the access point settings automatically when you insert the SIM card, so it needs a manual configuration, for starhub users you need to go to settings>mobile networks>access point names>press menu>then press new apn then set apn as shinternet or as shwapint, 3G should work now.

Update 2:  Google issued a statement yesterday about connecting to 3G, here’s the excerpt.

GOOGLE STATEMENT – Nexus One 3G connectivity for SG

There have been several media reports about 3G connectivity issues with the Nexus One.  Firstly, we do apologize for any inconvenience and confusion caused to our users.  There is a very simple solution for Nexus One owners in Singapore.  For SingTel customers, the Nexus One should auto-connect to their 3G network.  For Starhub and M1 customers, they will need to enter in their APN settings to connect to their 3G network.  This can be done by any user in less than a minute:

1.  Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

2. Hit Menu button, create new APN.

3. Enter new APN settings.  See below for the details.

4. Hit Menu button, save settings.

5. Select the new APN name, then hit the home button.  Your 3G connection will shortly appear in the top bar.

As the Nexus One is an unlocked device purchased online at, ideally the first place for users to look for support is the help section on this site which includes how-to videos, feature overviews, ordering/payment/set-up/warranty info, a user’s guide and help forum.

If users can’t find the answers they need, they can call the HTC Support line in Singapore at 1-800-238-7788 from 8am-8pm, Monday to Saturday.  HTC is providing local support and repair services for Nexus One.

Again, our sincerest apologies to our Nexus One users in Singapore if they are having any problems connecting to their telecom operator’s 3G network.  We hope this simple solution will help them to enjoy the full Internet experience and the innovative mobile features of their new Nexus One phones in Singapore.

Dickson Seow

Head, Corporate Communications

Google Southeast Asia

For Starhub customers:

– name: Starhub Internet

– APN: shwapint

– username: [leave blank]

– password: [leave blank]

For M1 customers:

– name: M1 Internet

– APN: sunsurf
– username: 65
– password: user123

And in case it is not working for SingTel customers:

– name: SingTel Internet

– APN: internet
– username: 65IDEAS (or blank)
– password: IDEAS (or blank)


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