Qwerty chic!

June 19th, 2008 | by Boon Kiat

Just got to fiddle with the new E71 (the one on the right), which was launched at Nokia’s own show on CommAsia week. From a 30-minute hands-on take today at the office, this shiny metal-clad GPS smartphone might just be my favourite from Nokia. It’s thin! Definitely pocketable. Secondly – and this will be a big draw for IM junkies and poor long-sighted souls like me – the qwerty keyboard feels shiok. Until touch-screen keyboard becomes haptic (as in it delivers some kinda force feedback when you jab at the keys), only real keyboards will do for me. Then again, touch-screen phones might still win over the I-wanna-feel-my-keyboard camp. This phone should be in Singapore soon, perhaps next month.


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