SingTel aims at newbie smartphone users

May 3rd, 2010 | by Alfred Siew

Just when you thought that mobile data plans could not get cheaper, along comes an “entry level” plan from SingTel to entice users to “test water” with surfing on their phones.

A couple of weeks ago, SingTel updated the prices for its Broadband on Mobile services. There’s now a S$5.90-a-month plan that gives you 200MB of data, with the total bill capped at S$29.90 (inclusive of subscription price).

To be honest, 200MB a month is not enough for heavy users like me (I use just over 1GB a month). However, I’d say, with the S$29.90 cap, it’s a nice intro to data plans for someone just starting out on a smartphone.

There’s also a S$14.95-a-month plan for 10GB of usage and another S$19.95 one for 30GB, both of which are more suited to notebook or netbook users who plug USB modems into their portable PCs.

For others, SingTel’s cheapest S$5.90-a-month plan looks attractive for smartphone newbies. If you start bursting the limit, you can switch to the several voice+data plans out there. They are the best deals now.

Mobile voice + data plans:
SingTel users: 3G Flexi/Lite/Plus with 12GB is your best bet.

StarHub users: go for Smartsurf 100/300/7000 with 12GB data

M1 users: check out Value and Lite plans, with 12GB data as well

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