Happy New Year to all Techgoondu readers!

December 31st, 2010 | by Alfred Siew

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Have the past 12 months just zoomed by?

Unfortunately, they have passed before we had a chance to look back in wonder. If there’s something last minute that you haven’t done in 2010, there are less than 24 hours left today to get it done.

One thing that Techgoondu will be doing is to move to a new server host, which will offer faster access to readers who come to this site for news, commentary and insights into the latest tech happenings.

We’ll be doing this in the coming days and weeks, because we could not finish the job in the previous year/decade!

In 2011, things are going to be even more exciting with both personal and enterprise tech going in new, unchartered directions.

In personal computing, think of a wave of new tablets to be launched in just a week’s time at this year’s CES. A month later, at the yearly Mobile World Congress in February, dual-core smartphones with improved operating systems are set to grab the headlines.

For corporations, 2011 looks to be another year where “next-gen” computing platforms involving the cloud continue to gather steam. Whether this is a “private cloud”, a “public cloud” or even a “hybrid cloud”, the buzzwords are likely to melt away as real deployments – rather than just talk – start grabbing the headlines in 2011.

So, there’s a lot to be excited about as we bid 2010 a fond goodbye. It has been a crazy 12 months, with Techgoondu’s unique views going to over 5,000 a day at its peak, thanks to the intense interest in tablet computers and smartphones.

The year will also be remembered for how Singapore almost didn’t even have the World Cup on the telly, for the country joining an elite club of nations with fibre optic broadband at home, and perhaps also for Steve Job’s unhappy iPhone 4 saga.

Other things intrigued us too, like when Windows Phone 7 was launched in October to offer a much-needed boost to Microsoft’s mojo, while Techgoondu supported its first industry conference – UNWIRED 2010 – in May.

Look out for UNWIRED 2011 in the new year, and check back often for a lot more cool articles to come from Techgoondu. 2011 will be even more interesting, we promise.

Thank you for reading us. And here’s wishing everyone of our Techgoondu readers good health and “good tech” in 2011!

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