Top five National Day songs (and no, Funpack isn’t on the list)

August 8th, 2011 | by Chan Chi-Loong

When this year’s canned-at-the-last-minute Funpack song at Singapore’s National Day Parade 2011 went viral, many people commented that there were lots of great National Day songs and there was no need to rip off Lady Gaga.

Very true.

I’m not even talking about parodies, but the official ones that have been written every year since the 90s.

Thus, with tomorrow being National Day, and in the spirit of things, we here at Techgoondu have come up with a song list after trawling YouTube.

If you’re a fellow Singaporean, here’s a list sure to put you in the mood for patrotic nostalgia.

All of these songs are written and performed by Singaporeans, of course. I am partial to certain singers, so although songs like “In a Heartbeat” (2011) and “Reach for the Sky”(2005) can be said to be good in their own right, they don’t make this list here. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment sections below!

5. Song for Singapore, 2010

Corrine May’s “Song for Singapore” has a catchy melodic hook that sticks with you. Yeah, the lyrics are a little preachy for me, but doesn’t detract much from an otherwise beautiful song.

4. There’s no place I’d rather be, 2007

I love the showtune-like arrangement and more complex lyrics of this song. It’s not one of the more well-known National Day songs, and it is rather short, but it’s a beautiful tune made better with Kit Chan’s (陈洁仪) soaring vocals.

3. We will get there (一起走到), 2002

Stephanie Sun’s (孙燕姿) voice is sublime, and her breathy vocals are recognizable in any song that she sings. I love the fast pace and rhythm of this song. I like the Chinese version “一起走到” better than the English “We Will get there” one, but this could just be me.

2. Where I Belong, 2001

Tanya Chua’s (蔡健雅) “Where I Belong” is probably my favorite National Day song.

It evokes childhood memories and longing for home, and came out in a year when I was traveling to the US a lot. Obviously it helps that the melody and lyrics are excellent, but my own personal nostalgia is why this comes in at number two.

1. Home (家), 1998

Kit Chan’s(陈洁仪) “Home” is probably Singapore’s most iconic National Day song. Just ask any Singaporean on the streets what National Day song he or she likes the best and this probably tops the list.

In the decade since this has come out, it has spawned both cover versions and tongue-in-cheek parodies. A classic, and deserves to be number one simply because it’s etched into our collective memories.

I prefer the Chinese version “家”, but you can find the English version “Home” here.

Hope you enjoyed this. Have a great National Day holiday folks!


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