Singapore is the world’s most Facebooked nation, says Hitwise

February 18th, 2012 | by Chan Chi-Loong

Singapore is the most facebooked nation in the world.

So says web analytics company Experian Hitwise, who samples global web traffic data for marketing insights.

In a recently released 2011 report by them that detailed Singaporean’s social habits, it was found that Singaporeans spend a heck of a lot of time on Facebook. According to them, we are the top Facebook users in the world in terms of time spent per session.

Although Facebook was by far the most popular social tool (32 percent by website traffic to social networking sites), it was by no means the only one Singaporeans used.

YouTube took second place (21 percent share of web traffic) and Google+ third place (16 percent web traffic).

As for Twitter, the platform and our local Hardwarezone forums have a combined web traffic of about 6.67 percent.

Here are some additional stats by Hitwise:

Fashion and shopping
— UK fashion brand ASOS was the top fashion website Singaporeans went to (at 13.22 percent web traffic in this category), followed by Forever 21 (4.03 percent).

— Top luxury apparel was China-based website Chinese-luxury (formerly BaoTime), at 7.05 percent web traffic in this category.

— Top discount coupon sites in Singapore are Groupon Singapore and, with a combined share of 35.25 percent web traffic in this category.

Computers and electronics
— Apple was top of recall for Singaporeans, with 13.24 percent web traffic for the Computers category. This was closely followed by Lenovo at 11 percent.

— The top five search terms for electronics and computers are: Apple, Samsung, Apple Singapore, Samsung Singapore, and Canon.

Entertainment, multimedia and music
Channel NewsAsia, ESPN and take the top three spots in the television entertainment category accounting for a total of 50.24 percent share of visits.

— YouTube is the big leader with 61.69 percent website traffic in the multimedia channels category.

— Singaporeans are big K-Pop fans. In the music bands and artistes category, K-Pop websites like, Wonderful Generation, Big Bang Updates and SONEms drew a combined 65.49 percent of web traffic.

Whilst the statistics are really interesting, I would voice caution in believing that these statistics tell the entire picture.

Nobody knows for certain how the above web statistics are calculated except for the web analytics company themselves.

Companies like Hitwise, Alexa, Quantcast, and ComScore keep their analytics algorithms secret, which means it is almost impossible to compare methodologies between two such companies. So these statistics are purely from Hitwise’s perspective, and another vendor might give you different answers.


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