Box OneCloud lets apps save data to the cloud

March 28th, 2012 | by Aaron Tan
Box OneCloud lets apps save data to the cloud

What if you could edit business documents stored on the cloud using the apps on your mobile devices? OneCloud, a new cloud-based service by online storage provider Box, was built to to do just that.

Making its debut this week, OneCloud is touted as the first enterprise mobile framework to bring together your mobile content and productivity apps. What this means is that you can host your Word documents on Box, edit the files using, say, Quickoffice on an iPad, and save them back to the Box cloud.

Currently, over 30 apps have been certified to work with Box OneCloud, including four premier apps – Quickoffice, PDF Expert, PaperPort Notes and Adobe EchoSign – that offer deeper integration with the service to ensure content updates for each app are instantly stored and secured on Box. These apps can be downloaded through a new Box mobile app gallery.

“Box and Quickoffice recognize the importance of empowering the mobile workforce with tools and services that accelerate business productivity,” said Alan Masarek, CEO of Quickoffice, in a media statement.

“Our ability to seamlessly edit, store and share Office documents brings a new level of usability and efficiency to Box users managing their business critical content from their tablet or smart phone,” he added.

To encourage more developers to integrate their apps with Box, the company launched a new app integration framework that shortens the time to integrate apps with Box’s file management capabilities from weeks to days.┬áThis new framework provides seamless access to content stored in Box, including offline access.

Box OneCloud is only available for iOS devices for now, and will be extended to Android and other mobile operating systems in future.

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