Shanzhai Samsung Galaxy Note II and S III mini in Singapore?

March 29th, 2013 | by Alfred Siew
Shanzhai Samsung Galaxy Note II and S III mini in Singapore?

Copy of Samsung Galaxy S III mini in Singapore

Can a Samsung Galaxy S III mini, which went on sale in Singapore last month for S$568, be going for as little as S$179 at a store at Sim Lim Square? Apparently not, unless you’re interested in a fake, or rather, shanzhai, version of the smartphone.

A Techgoondu reader sent us some interesting photos earlier this week, showing copy versions of Samsung phones being sold at one of Singapore’s popular IT malls.

The Galaxy S III mini copy is among several, he said. Yet another model that looks like a Galaxy Note II is also on sale, he added.

The shanzhai version of the Galaxy S III mini claims to have a Super AMOLED screen and a dual-core CPU and runs Android 4.1, just like the original.

However, it has only 4GB for storage instead of the 8GB and 16GB that Samsung is offering. One tell-tale sign of its pirate status: there’s no Samsung logo at the top of the phone, unlike the original.

Copy of Samsung Galaxy Note II in Singapore

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note II copy also claims similar hardware to the Korean phone maker’s version, along with a matching box which just about reminds you of Samsung without using those exact words.

Like the original Galaxy Note II, the shanzhai version promises a quad-core CPU and a large 5.5-inch screen. No hands-on reviews yet of the device, though we’d be keen to check it out during the next visit to Sim Lim Square!

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