ASUS claims ‘world’s smallest’ title with its new pocket router

May 16th, 2013 | by Raymond Lau
ASUS claims ‘world’s smallest’ title with its new pocket router


There comes a point where our gadgets and gizmos become so small that it just doesn’t matter if one brand is marginally smaller than another. But that’s not stopping ASUS from claiming the “world’s smallest” for its new WL-330NUL pocket router.

At only 6.5 cm in length and weighing only 17.5g, the WL-330NUL may very well be the world’s smallest router, but it comes with a full set of features created specifically for travellers. 

The router can operate in several modes, including as a router (obviously), an Ethernet adapter, and a WiFi hotspot and access point.

The Ethernet adapter functionality should be particularly useful for ultrabook owners, as those machines usually come with no more a couple of USB ports.

The worst part about a router is setting it up, but ASUS promises one-click network management through a friendly web-based interface and bundled software.

On the downside, there’s no built-in battery, so you can’t just pop in a mobile broadband dongle and use it on-the-go. The mobility factor is further hampered by the lack of support for 3G dongles or SIM cards.

But if you foresee using the WL-330NUL only in places such as your hotel room while on vacation, it does its job well.

In addition, buying a brand-name product such as this will typically get you better technical support, so it should in theory be a better buy than the dime a dozen other pocket routers on the streets.

So if this little router tickles your fancy, you can pick one up for just S$59.

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