Hitachi Vantara rolls out new software, solutions to capture growing data operations management market

October 14th, 2019 | by Grace Chng

Hitachi Vantara, which provides software, hardware and services to help companies manage digital data, rolled out last week an artificial intelligence-enabled data centre platform and new data analytics solutions for enterprise operations.

Called the VSP 5000 enterprise class storage array, it is a next-generation storage and infrastructure foundation that promises to scale up and scale out easily. It can be expanded from two to 12 controllers and 69PB of capacity.

It will have the most scalable NVMe array – protocol for accessing high speed storage media – that is capable of sub-70-microsecond latencies.

With data explosion continuing at a rapid pace, organisations need such storage systems that allow for quick access to huge amounts of data quickly, said K C Phua, Hitachi Vantara’s business lead for data management and protection solutions for Asia-Pacific.

Businesses will need resources to deal with the growing complexity associated with the data explosion expected to hit 175ZB by 2025, up from 40ZB currently, he noted.

“The VSP 5000 will also have a strong emphasis on reliability, aimed at helping businesses keep up with growth of their data and data lakes, he added, at a media briefing in Singapore last week.

Workload can be accessed rapidly and reliably with availability hitting eight nines, or 99.999999 per cent.

Hitachi Vantara has also integrated its patented artificial intelligence (AI) engine to give the VSP 5000 data analytical capability, predictive recommended remediation actions, and AI-assisted resource placement, balancing and forecasting.

Along with the VSP 5000, Hitachi Vantara also unveiled the new Hitachi Ops Centre management software and updated Hitachi Storage Virtualisation Operating System.

Together, these technologies can deliver future-proof IT that is the foundation for modernising data centres and cloud and data operations, said Phua.

He added that the new products address customers’ concerns in capacity, performance, scalability, agility, reliability, resilience and availability.

The Ops Centre, for example, can speedily move customers toward an autonomous data centre by automating up to 70 per cent of tasks. It can offer faster, more accurate insights to diagnose system health and keep data operations running in top condition.

These new products are compatible with existing workloads as well as new workloads which use multi-cloud environments.

Hitachi Vantara also unveiled the expansion of its Lumada platform of data services to facilitate a broader set of data operations, moving beyond Internet of Things (IoT) to address data challenges in any industry. Among the new services introduced are data services, data lake and edge intelligence.

In a press release last week, the company said the Lumada platform services and solutions portfolio will help customers across industries break down data silos and drive more innovation through data operations.

Organisations today see the potential for analytics, AI, and new digital business models to transform their operations, but their existing data management tools and processes aren’t keeping up with the pace and complexity of modern digital business, according to Hitachi Ventara.

New Lumada solutions address these needs by enabling a collaborative data management practice that employs policy-based, automated approaches to help enterprises improve efficiency and drive innovation by getting the right data to the right place at the right time, it added.

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